About Us

Love for growing food, converting lawns, and making sure people eat healthy.

It's in our roots.

Rachel of Green Zebra Markets with fresh swiss chard in hand

Since 2014, our head farmer, Rachel, has been getting to know the locals. Her curiosity has her intimately knowing those fruits, vegetables, and other creatures living in the natural biome of the area. With a background of studying biology and genetics in academia, this has contributed to seeing and guiding the collective vision of lawns growing into beautiful gardens and strengthening communal health through ample food access.  Rachel has always asked, "What can I do to support my community and the environment at the same time?"

That's where Green Zebra came from. 

Green Zebra Markets understands that much like a zebra's own stripes, no two people or plots are the exact same. With that in mind, the GZ Team adopts a holistic view when it comes to agriculture. Not only do we want to give others the option for hyper-local organic produce, we also want to show them the buried potential that their lawn has. What currently holds invasive grasses and even some thorny blackberries (yikes!) could flourish into a powerhouse of produce.

Imagine saving on your weekly grocery bill because you already have those tomatoes for that sauce in your own backyard. 

Imagine the smell of fresh basil as you pick it off for that flatbread you've been wanting all week. 

Well... no one says that has to stay within your own fantasies. And we can show you how. 

Not your speed to keep up with a garden? No problem!

Every week during the spring and summer, we have a weekly CSA box that promises only the freshest produce from our neighborly farms. What's more, every site is within the city limits and could be one of your own community members!

You can't possibly get more local than that unless it's your own backyard or balcony box. 

Not to mention, you'll support the economic opportunity of those within the community and aid in our vision that has everyone gaining a path to good health.

Get my CSA Box now!

GZ's mission is to make quintessential fruits, vegetables, and other organic products as accessible as possible to the collective. We want to provide healthy, organic, and sustainabley sourced produce that helps the environment and gives our neighbors in the Greater Vancouver area the tools and knowledge they need to lower barriers to good health.

And with the wealth of knowledge the GZ Team has, we're looking to turn over a new leaf in farming and strengthen the community at large.

We also offer discounts on our CSA boxes to those in indigenous, First Nations, and low-income communities. Email us for more details.