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Espresso Roast from Mogiana Coffee

Espresso Roast from Mogiana Coffee

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Best For: Espresso, French Press or Drip Coffee

Our notes: Hints of Bitter-sweet chocolate, Caramel, Buttery mouthfeel

On the lighter side of a medium-dark roast (no oils!), our Espresso Roast has a lively character and classic, timeless flavor profile. This flavorful coffee is our family’s favorite and most popular roast, great for espresso (including super automatic machines that don’t like oily beans) and pour over method. Handpicking, as opposed to machine-picking, ensures a much friendlier balance in today's plight to reduce CO2 emissions.

Mogiana's commitment to the environment is reflected in many other choices, such as farm energy sourced from wind and hydroelectric, and a reforestation program with 6000-8000 new native tree species planted each year.

Social responsibility is also a fundamental part of their mission. The village where the farm's employees live hosts almost 50 families today, with access to comfortable housing, a health clinic, a chapel, a clubhouse for games and dance and a soccer field. The children also get their education there. A one-acre plot donated by the farm was used to build a school, where over 300 students from our farm and other neighboring ones study.

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